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Detect and delete orphaned files from your web server. OrFind helps you recover wasted space
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24 April 2013

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This is software that can find files/folders that are lying unused on your web site. These ‘orphaned” files, which are potential security risks, can easily be removed with this tool.

When a website has been updated over the years it usually contains unused files. These waste space of course, which is not that much of a concern these days. But additionally they are potential security risks. It is usually very difficult to be sure which are orphaned files/folders and thus can be safely removed. Inspyder OrFind can find such files and let you remove them safely. Removing files that are linked would give rise to annoying file not found messages that can easily turn off your visitors. The longer the site is in use higher is the probability of finding such file, particularly if proper housekeeping is not carried out when there is a change/update in the site.

OrFind automatically crawls each page of a website. It looks at the linking structure to compare files crawled to the files stored on your server. That can clearly indicate what files are not in use. The orphaned files are backed up and removed and cleaning up your hosting space. The stale content also gets removed. The OrFind’s exclusion list and the folder view let you easily identify un-connected files or even entire folders. The FTP functionality helps manage the files on local drives or on the site server. Cleaning up can be scheduled and reports of what’s orphaned and what’s not can be generated in PDF, Excel and CSV formats. The interface is quite easy to understand. You specify the details of the site and the spider will go out and follow on every link to find what’s connected. It is a nice maintenance tool for a complex website. For a large site the scheduled maintenance would be really useful.

Publisher's description

Find and remove unlinked files from your website with OrFind! Is your website several generations old? Have you inherited a website that has not been well maintained? If you need to figure out which files your website is actually using and which are left over from years gone by, than you need OrFind.
OrFind automatically crawls each page of your website and analyzes the linking structure. It compares the files crawled to the files stored on your server and determines which files are needed and which are orphaned.
OrFind can automatically backup and remove orphaned files, saving disk space and making website maintenance easier. Don't let unused files and out dated content become a liability for your website, clean it up today!
OrFind is easy to use but powerful enough to handle complex websites. OrFind's easy to use exclusion list allows you to quickly filter out specific files and folders. OrFind's unique folder view allows you to backup and delete specific orphan files or entire directories at once.
Download a trial copy and remove unused files from your website today!
Inspyder OrFind
Inspyder OrFind
Version 4.0
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